Doctor Robot Questionnaire
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Doctor Robot Questionnaire

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1. Go to the New User section
2. Enter desired login and e-mail
3. Get password
4. Log into Registration
5. Log into your Questionnaire
6. Answer the questions and see your diagnosis right away.

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Doctor Robot Questionnaire

Do you have a medical problem?
Pain? Discomfort? Sickness? Some vague symptoms?
Afraid that you have Cancer, Diabetes or Heart Disease?
Need a second opinion or online diagnosis?
Confused with your current medical condition?
Have many symptoms at once?
Nobody take your symptoms seriously?
Need more answers to your health problems?

The Diagnostic Tool is designed to help individuals learn about themselves, and to help health
professionals give good health care.

Understand the cause of your symptoms.
Educate yourself. Understanding your symptoms helps to obtain the right diagnosis. Right diagnosis
allows prompt and correct treatment.

Go to: FAQ Doctor-Robot (Free section) , (Subscribed Section).
Beware: You may need urgent medical help if you have the following signs:
Severe abdominal pain,
Severe abdominal discomfort
Black or tarry stools, blood in the stool, maroon-colored stools.
Severe eye pain.
Severe chest pain.
Suicidal thoughts
Sudden shortness of breath
Severe neck pain
Neck stiffness

Some potentially dangerous diseases may look falsely innocent. If in any doubt, please contact your

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